Live at the Del Sol Hay Barn & Rawhide Frames. More music at americanforrest.bandcamp.com Shot by Nicole Freshley. Check out her youtube Channel Roamingroller: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbV8Md0-221joLXW1uH3ObQ/videos

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An American Forrest

"An American Forrest is Western music. Country and folk. Ragged-voiced tales and wild, hybrid style, finger-picked and strummed guitar. Poetic incantations that conjure images: a lone rider silhouetted against a sunset, the days fading light, the unspoken bond between horses and people. Songs as detailed as tooled leather about old love, and new frontiers. An American Forrest is the words and music of Forrest Van Tuyl. Lyrics fly upwards from his songs like sparks from a fire. Verses come delivered with the humor of cowboy poets. His riffs have the wood-and-wire wrangling prowess of the folk singers of the second revival. The sensation of his songs hang around like smoke long after the night is gone." - Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

“Boldly sung poetry takes on every color of the roots/country spectrum, from Appalachian arrangements to Pacific Northwestern sweetness and a pinch of Southern grit." - CityArts Magazine, Seattle

"[Rosas y Mesteños] is really, really good." - John Craigie

"These are the real cowboy blues -- long stretches of road, loneliness, inscrutable feelings and people. Forrest's spare arrangements -- flush with punk references, tinny trumpets, and country swing -- create a stark soundscape that reflect the mountains and mesas that inspired the lyrics." - Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops Blog

"Forrest smells like a horse." - Mike Midlo, Pancake Breakfast




Rosas y Mesteños

by An American Forrest